Chartered Building Surveyor 


  • Expertise in design and procurement
  • New build, conversion, alteration or extension
  • Rebuild or repair after fire or flood etc.
    - insurance claims management help.
  • Deal with Building Regulations and Planning Permission and other regulatory controls
  • Prepare detailed specifications, obtain competitive tenders, appoint contractors and deal with them during construction
  • Get the job done on time and on budget while you get on with your business
From idea to completion and beyond:

Building Projects are complicated enough when they're small, and even more complicated when they're big. They require knowledge of a web of Rules and Regulations, and most often complex sequencing of a number of building operations and different contractors, all of which needs knowledge and management ability.

We can deal with as much or as little of the project as you need, based on a clear understanding of your requirements we can employ other experts and contractors on your behalf.

You can involve us from the start of the project to help develop your ideas and explore feasibility, or bring us in on a project at any stage.
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